Vividsun Funny Bunny Family Game

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🤣Let's see which bunny will be the first to get to the top of the hill and reach the carrot🥕
The cute little Bunnies are racing to get to the juicy carrot at the top of the hill. But watch out! The ground beneath the bunnies can vanish causing the bunny to fall in and disappear. The draw bridge and gate may fling the bunnies off or a mischievous mole may pop out and push the bunnies back down the hill.
  • Funny game 
    The funny board game consists of 1 rabbit hole board, 1 carrot, 16 colored rabbits and 24 playing cards.
  • Easy to play
    The objective of the game is to bring your colored bunny to the top of the mountain first.
  • Educational 
    Improve play, concentration, patience, inspire friendly competition, and develop social skills.
  • Great gift
    It is a perfect gift for your children, friends or family.
🐰How to play:
  • 1: Each player picks 4 bunnies of the same colour and puts them in the front of the stairs. Shuffle the cards and place them face down. If you draw a card with a bunny move your bunny along as many spaces as shown on the card.
  • 2: Only 1 bunny can occupy a space at a time so if your path is blocked by another player you jump over. However if there is a hole in front of you - on the end of your move - you fall down the hole. When you draw a carrot card you turn the carrot one click. If a hole appears beneath the bunny, the bunny will fall in and is out of the game. If all 4 bunnies fall in you are out of the game.
  • 3: In addition to the holes there are three additional obstacles to avoid. The mole pops out of his hole from time to time. If a bunny is standing in front it will push the bunny off the hill. They will then need to start again. The drawbridge. If down move across, if up your pass is blocked and your turn is over. The gate opens at random and will knock your bunny back down the hill to an earlier space. The winner makes it to the top of the carrot.
  • Color: As Shown.
  • Material: Plastic.
  • Size: About 26.5x26.5x11cm.
🐰Package included:
1 pc Funny Bunny Family Game
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